uGuX Search Engine

Shortcodes to search
something - searches Google's Web (default)
bw something - searches Bing's Web
gi something - searches Google's Images
yv something - searches Youtube Videos

See more short codes Web search
w or gw (Google web, default) / bw (Bing)
yw (Yahoo) / aw (
i or bi (Bing images) / gi (Google) / yi (Yahoo)
v or yv (Youtube) / hv (Hulu) / bv (Bing)
s or as (Amazon) / es (eBay)
n or gn (Google News) / cn (CNN) / fn (Fox) / bn (BBC)
t (Twitter) / wiki (Wikipedia)
URL & sites (Goes directly) / f (
Prevent shortcodes (use w)
w i want food / Searches Google for i want food
(won't use "i" to search images this way)


Set as homepageFor Internet Explorer
Clicking that link should set as your homepage.
For Chrome
Above, click the wrench, click "Settings," under "On startup," select "Open a specific page or set of pages" and click "set pages."
For Firefox
Above, near the address bar, drag our icon to the picture of the house.
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